Making a Polyester Lace Cardigan

My Grandmother has a huge stash of fabric in her house. Knits, lace, and so many more that I’ve lost count. While I was visiting her, we decided to make a snug cardigan for my sister.(Although she has sensitive skin so I will probably keep it) I made a list of instructions and included pictures, ENJOY!




  1. Make a pattern. I traced an loose sweater on some paper and added seam allowance before I cut the paper.




2. Then trace it on the fabric. Trace it once on a fold and once off the fold. If you would rather have a closed sweater (the front isn’t open), then cut them both on the fold.


3. OPTIONAL: Round of the edges of the front two pieces.




4. Sew under the arms and on top of the arms. Remember to put good side to good side.




5. Cut an long strip of fabric, about 3 inches wide and long enough to go around the entire sweater edge.




6. Pin and sew the striped fabric to the edge, right side to right side.




7. Now here’s the tricky part, Fold the strip half and inch in, then another inch in again, while tucking in the seam. Pin it in place around the entire sweater.


8. Here are two options, You can stick in the ditch or stick close to the ditch but on the rim.




9.  Finish off the sleeve edges by hemming it. The fabric I used, frayed easily, soooo, I folded it twice then sewed it down.



Everything from here on out is OPTIONAL.


10. Cut out two pockets and hem the top of both of them.




11. Hem all the edges then sew the pocket down.




VOILA! You can easily finish this in an hour or so. I had a lot of fun making this with my grandma and I hope you enjoyed this post!



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