Upcycled Beach Bag

Recently I upcycled a rough mini curtain into a tote bag. I rarely make up cycled bags or purses but the fabric was right for a bag. I loved the print and how durable it is.


I cut out to rectangles and long handles and hemmed it. The rough fabric frayed very easily so I made took some extra steps to make sure it didn’t fray. In the front of the bag, there is a pocket large enough for a phone. I also have used it to hold chap stick and it hasn’t fallen out. Although The picture above, doesn’t show the pocket.



It is big enough to hold multiple outfits for overnight trips or storage. Where the straps meet the bag, I made sure the stitching was sturdy enough to endure the weight.


The Paris print includes multiple images of the Eiffel Tower and words in calligraphy. Most of the text on the fabric is written in French. I have many different Paris themed fabrics that I received as presents.


I hope you enjoyed this post!



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