10 ways to be more GREEN



Up-cycling, Recycling, anything that has to do with being GREEN, I love! There are many ways to become more GREEN and to help the community. These aren’t hard and don’t take time unless you want them too. And even though they’re easy doesn’t mean they don’t help.

1.  Get a Plant

Over 3.5 billion trees get cut down every year. Getting a small plant helps keep fresh air in your home, it helps the environment, and it makes your home GREEN . Plants aren’t even that expensive but they are helpful to the environment.

2. Get a Succulent

The most famous succulent are cacti. They don’t require much attention. You can keep them by a window and they’ll be fine. They also look cute.

3. Turn of Unneeded Lights

One of the most common ways money and energy gets wasted is when people accidentally keep lights on in their house unknowingly. Just by turning a couple of lights off helps a lot.

4. Cook Fresher with Fresher Foods


Be green by using greens. Cooking with fresher food helps save transportation costs and helps the economy. It also can improve your health and cooking skills.

5. Turn the TV off

I’ll admit that I do watch TV more that I need to. But I am going to start watching less. It saves energy and can get you to do more productive stuff.

6.  Think about a Mini Compost Bin

They are simple to make, (and cheap ). They just require a little bit of effort.  Do some research before making one, but they help the environment a huge amount.

7.  Walk to Near by Places

Everyone can benefit from exercise. You can walk instead of taking to car which saves money spent on gas. It can also decrease pollution from the cars.


This one is a classic. Everyone knows recycling is good but not everyone follows through with it. Putting a sign on top of it might give attention.

9. Do Some Up-Cycling

Upcycling is a great way to spend your time. Take some old clothing and repurpose them. You don’t have to stop at clothes, repurposing old every day items like pots or boxes work fine too.  Click Here or Here to get some up cycling ideas.

10. Grow a Garden


Growing a garden is beneficial in so many ways. You can buy seeds from places like Home Depot and Grocery Stores or Farmer Market.




Imagine what would happen if everyone did a couple of these.

I hope you enjoy these ideas!


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