Helping the Community with Fashion

What’s better that doing community service projects or contributing to the community? Whether it’s volunteering at food pantries or donating clothing or food, it’s always significant. But…… what if you could do community service while “Fashioning”.


Definition: To commit an act that relates to fashion. Sewing, Sketching, e.i.

I really enjoy community service. It’s rewarding and I like knowing that I’m benefiting someone or something. Here are some ways to help the eco-system while *COUGH COUGH* Fashioning!

1. Up-Cycling!

One of my favorite things to do is to Up-Cycle. Up-Cycling is like recycling with clothes. Likewise, he helps the environment and you can perfect some sewing skills. In addition to that it’s a lot of fun.


2. Make a Quilt!

Donating quilts to local or regular pet shelters come with many benefits and perks. First of all, you get a chance to brush up on your quilting skills. Making large quilts for shelters is an amazing thing to do. Many animals at shelters don’t have blankets or beds to sleep in mainly because of low funding. While  your taking the quilts there, you might even get to see the animals. And donating money never hurts!

3. Fixing and Alterations!

This one’s like donating. Before donating clothes, you can alter or fix them. For example, if a pair of pants have a whole in them, you can fix them by adding a patch or sticking it closed. This way, you are still donating clothes and adding a fashion aspect to it. And you get some sewing practice in.


Community service is incredibly important! I hope you enjoy these ideas!



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