5 Fashion Pattern Tips

The picture above is the first sewing machine. It was invented by Thomas Saint in 1970.

Whether it’s hand sewing or machine sewing, a large or small, fancy or casual, these tips will come in handy. I use them all the time. Often as short cuts or ways to make the project more efficient.

1. Don’t have enough fabric, decrease the pattern.

This tip is especially useful for up-cycling project or when you use scraps. Use them if you don’t have enough fabric for the pattern.

1a. You can choose to shorten the sleeve or length. Fold the end of the pattern and trace it.

1b. Another option is to trace different parts of the pattern on different spots of the fabric, then sew them together. MAKE SURE TO LEAVE SPACE WHEN TRACING THE TRACING THE PARTS, so that it is the same size at the end!mccals

2. Cut the pattern so there’s room to grow.

When you cut a pattern( simplicity, mccall, ect.) Cut the largest size on the pattern. This way if you need a larger size than the one you currently are for this project, you can use the same one.

SimplicityLogoRed3. Trace on top of a pattern.

If you start doing tip #2, then using the right size will be hard. Instead of folding the patter and damaging it, not to mentionmaking folding it harder, you can trace the correct one. Sharpen a pencil not to the point where it is sharp but where it has a flat edge. Now trace the line on the pattern you want to follow, when you pick it up there should be a tracing of the pattern!images.png

4. Fold patterns loosely.

???. After you finish a project, you have to put the pattern away. I, personally have trouble putting it away. There is an easy way to fit the pattern back in its packaging. first, try to fold the pattern on the pre-made lines. If you are like me, then it is a little clumped up and not as flat as it was before you used it. If you put a heavy book on top and leave it for a few minutes, it’ll be as good as new….. kinda.

5. Coupons!

Coupons come in very handy when shopping for coupons. Wait until the coupons go on sale. Sometimes they go for as low as 99 cents!


I hope all of these tips come in handy!

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