Tory Burch Gemini Bags


Tory-Burch-Gemini-Link-Bags-2.jpg (1000×667)The new Gemini Tory Burch Bags are super stylish! Their full name is Tory Burch Link Gemini Bag. They are $500-600 DOLLARS! But it is worth it, look how Fabulous they are. It is made from pebbled leather. An adjustable strap and zipper for closure are some of their qualities. They have a height of 24 cm, length of 27.5 cms, and a depth of 6 cms.

Kate Bosworth

Who better to represent the Gemini bag than a Gemini. Kate Bosworth is one of the two main people representing this bag. She is a Gemini and also has many connections to the zodiac sign. Gemini has a strong relation to two, which is a simpler way to talk about the meaning. Bosworth has two different colored eyes, hazel and blue, which bring up the number two. She has also lived on the west and east side. These are two reasons that she was chosen as a model for this bag. The photos below can also be found at the sources at the bottom.


Image Source: Pop Sugar: Courtesy of Tory Burch



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