Draw String Pouches

img_0769At my school we had a Renaissance market fair, where we had to make something to sell. I thought making money bags would be fun.This post will show step by step instructions on how to make draw string pouches, it includes pictures. I love this project because it doesn’t take much time and you can customize them to make them unique. It took me 5-10 minutes, although I did make several of them. I also posted a picture of it on Instagram, so be sure to check it out!




The Materials you will need will be:

  • Felt or any sturdy fabric, I used felt because it is very cheap yet has a good quality for this type of project
  • Yarn- I used already made draw strings
  • Needle and Thread/Sewing Machine
  • Chalk
  • Pins
  • Fabric Scissors(If you don’t have fabric scissors regular scissors are fine)

1. First you start by making a pattern. It should be a rectangle with the bottom’s corners rounded like the following picture.

img_07622.  Then take two pieces of your chosen fabric on top of each other. Make sure the fabric is larger than the pattern.

3. Place the pattern on top of the fabric leaving a couple of inches on the top and bottom.  Trace the pattern.

4. On the top of the traced pattern add an inch if needed. I added one for seam allowance. It was easier to see.


5. Cut both pieces of fabric on the traced lines.


6. Pin both pieces together.

7. If you are sewing with a machine, line the edge of the foot against the edge of the fabric. Start to sew at the bottom of the seam allowance you added in step 4. With a needle and thread sew about half an inch from the edge of the fabric.


8. Optional: Zigzag stitch the two flaps on the top of the fabric pieces.

9. Fold over one side of the top of the pouch to the line drawn and sew. BE CAREFUL not to sew through both sides of the pouch.

10. Repeat step 9 for the other side.

11. Now your pouch should have two different casings at the top.

12. Gather about a yard of yarn to make the draw string.

13. Pull the thread through the casing until it comes out of the edges. Line the ends up together.

14. Slide a bead through BOTH of the ends of the yarn.

15. Tie a knot at the ends.

16. Optional: Tie a tassel to the end middle of the side where there are no ends.

Voila! You now have a draw string bag. I love this DIY because you can easely resize the bag and use different fabrics to create different effects as well as use them for different reasons.

I hope you enjoyed this fun DIY. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest and Instagram.

Instagram: Rorokdesigns

Pinterest: Rorokdesigns


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