New Year-New Trends

2017 is going to an amazing year full of exciting fashion trends. Here are some of the hottest trends for spring 2017.

Based on Blooming Dales, Elle, Style Caster, and Vogue.

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They don’t even have to be rainbow.

Bright, Exotic, and Flavorful, just a few ways to describe 2017 spring’s stripes.  They come in various colors. Stripes can add a sense of sophistication or funkiness. The PERFECT way to start the new year’s spring.

Image result for fashion trends 2017 spring neon



What better way to start off the new year then in a fluorescent wave of fashion. Although these colors may appeal to some as noisy, there is no doubt that neon is a fashionable trend to try.

Image result for 2017 fashion trends khaki


Whether it is the textile or the classical color, khaki is especially stylish. It can be seen in many shapes and textiles. It’s not boring or old, it’s exciting and fresh.

Image result for blue 2017 trends


Blue goes with almost everything! One color to match with Blue is orange, since they are complementary colors. Blue comes in many colors too. From periwinkle, to navy blue.

I hope you enjoyed these 2017 trends! Have a fantastic 2017 year!




Style Caster:



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