Snug T-Shirt for pets


Chinna is wearing a tee-shirt/ pj shirt made out of a single pajama t-shirt. This is a nice way to up cycle PJs or shirts that are two small or worn out. It is easy to take off and or put on. I’d say this is a medium DIY in terms of difficulty because it does involve some math and logical reasoning.

Hope You Enjoy it!

You will need…

  1.  An old tee-shirt, If you want to make a hat I recommend using a long sleeve shirt but a short sleeve is fine as well.
  2. Needle and Thread or Sewing Machine


Step 1)First, put the shirt on your pet, to make sure it is big enough. It is Ok if it is too big, that is actually a good thing. Be careful of the sleeves so your pet doesn’t trip or rip the shirt.

Step 2)Next make a note of the places where you need to modify it. For now you can make the note in either your mind or on a paper.

Step 3)I started with the back. Turn the shirt inside out and put it back on the pet. Using a writing utensil, mark how much needs to be sewn closer by pinching and folding the shirt in the back. BE  VERY CAREFUL NOT TO POKE YOUR PET! Take it off your pet and sew a half inch away from the line drawn, keeping the shirt inside out and folded. You should be sewing on the side of the line you drew that is closer to the folded part.

Step 4) Before you trim off the excess turn the shirt right side out and dress your pet again. If it fits well in the back trim, if not mark sewing line and try again.

Step 5) OPTIONAL. If you feel like the front of the shirt needs to be trimmed as well, go ahead. It is the same steps as the front(steps 2,3,4). I didn’t just because there was a picture on it. If you have a picture on the shirt and would like to keep it on your pets back, then do the trim of the shirt on the side that will be on your pet’s stomach.

Step 6) Next are the sleeves. Measure with a measuring tape how long your pet’s arms are. Make sure to measure from the shoulder to the ankle.

Step 7) Measure the same distance on the sleeve of the shirt and cut where needed. Do not cut exactly of the line, but 1 inch on the outside of the line. Repeat for both sleeves.

Step 8) OPTIONAL. Hem the sleeves. Fold over the end of the sleeve inward and hem the sleeves. Although this is optional, it makes the outfit look more finished.

VIOLA! Your finished. I hope this DIY was fun for you.

Jan 5, 2017


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