DIY Furry Blanket with Trimming Pt 1

Hello Everyone! Recently I made a simple fuzzy blanket for my sister. Now I know it’s summer and it’s really hot but we all have that one family member who blasts the AC a little too much. And if not, a furry blanket is always nice to have. I love the fabric and it was pretty cheap, only $2.00 per yard at Costco. Even thought it seems like a simple craft, it was actually pretty time-consuming, because of the size and fabrics used. But, if you have the time and are patient, it should be easy.


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Easy DIY Pet Costume


Hello Everyone! Halloween is coming. Making costumes is the best part about it! This pet costume only took me 10 minutes, maybe less. It’s suitable for all pets( maybe not birds). There are many ways to take it to another level or take it down a notch. You can bedazzle it it different way to make it cuter and better.


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Not all Sizes are the same – Parsons School

Image result for size chart in different countries


I’m doing something a little different. I recently started a Online parsons school for fashion course. One of the assignments was to make a blogpost on how one store’s size 12 might be an other store’s size 8. Since this is not my regular type of blogpost, tomorrow , I will be posting another blog post on my normal stuff. But this topic is important.

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Hello Everyone! Happy Halloween. I really like halloween because I enjoy making fun costumes. this year, I’m not making mine, but I’m making some for friends and family. The major one I’m making is a Pusheen Onsie.  It is a normal once with rainbow hair.  I am making it from scratch. I’m also making tulle headbands to bedazzle a Netflix and Chill costume. And as usual, Shiva (my kitty) is going to have a costume. But that’s a whole other blog post! Here are some tips I have found helpful when sewing or making something for Halloween. And some pictures of past DIY halloween costumes.


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